Girl’s Sample

I love this Hong Kong pop girl group. I know I’m late to the party. They’ve been disbanded for years. Better late than never! I talk about their video on the latest episode… Continue reading

Not So Super

I remembered I had a blog last night. I guess I should use it. I had heard they were doing this and I didn’t really get excited. Superman is my favourite superhero ever,… Continue reading

The Wait Seems To Be Worth It!

If you’re like me, than you hoped and dreamed for a Final Fantasy 7 remake for years. And when it finally got announced, it hit all the right notes…then they messed up and… Continue reading

Ashley Tisdale is Underrated

As I’ve grown up, my taste in music has changed. I’ve gotten into classic rock. But there will always be room in my life for pop music. I’m not gonna even say guilty… Continue reading

The New Terminator Trailer

Terminator was a good film, it’s sequel Terminator 2 is one of the greatest of all time. After seeing the trailer for Dark Fate, I’m pretty sure this one will not join the… Continue reading

Gamble in the Dark

I miss the days when Netflix used to have written reviews from viewers, don’t you? Even though you can’t go 100% by what other people say, I know it always gave me a… Continue reading

Welcome Back Jay and Silent Bob!

Snoochie Boochies! I was so happy yesterday watching the new Jay and Silent Bob Reboot trailer! Not so fat Kev Smith and Jason Mewes are a pair of my favourite personalities. I podcast… Continue reading

Prime Day Finally Not Trash

Every year I do a post on here highlighting the nonsense that Amazon tries to pawn off during it’s Prime Day. It’s usually things like 20% off hemorrhoid cream or something like that.… Continue reading

This Is Amazing!

I found this Jean Grey video on You tube. It’s amazing. It’s just all the times Jean tries to do something and faints. Even the comments are amazing! It’s everything you want in… Continue reading

We Don’t Need 500 TV Streaming Sites

How many streaming services do you use? Whether it’s TV/movies, music, comics, you name it; how many do you use? As I said I want to write about things I like or love.… Continue reading

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