supergirl_gif_by_roysartwork-d77f04oSupergirl looks like the next to get the small screen adaptation.

Yes, if reports are to be believed, there is a Supergirl tv show being shopped around to different networks by Arrow producer, Greg Berlanti.

This is great news, not only is Supergirl one of my favourite superheroes, she is an underutilized one for WB. She’s hot, fit and has super powers. She is also connected to Superman…this show writes itself. Only if the movie verse was connected to the tv verse, then we could have Supergirl appear in Batman V Superman, and then spin her off in a new show. I think it can be confusing to have their own take on the character and not have it link up w/ the movie Superman; like if they take a different tone with their Krypton and El family. Either way, there’s a whole lot of potential here for entertaining tv.

I think it’d make a ton of sense to have Supergirl on The CW, not only to connect to that universe, but also because Kara Zor-El is a perfect fit for a network that strives to bring influential female role models for their demographic. Besides, they can cast a young woman to play a teen, and have a show full of babes both male and female, which is totally The CW’s style. As I said, the movies are their own thing, they have the Justice League coming. So why not have the TVU have their own JLA, with Arrow, Canary, Flash, and Supergirl leading the pack. Super powers are coming in The Flash, so they can introduce Kara without it being out of place. Arrow fights Batman foes, have Supergirl fight Superman foes. She was done well in Smallville with Laura Vandervoort in the role, I’m sure lightning will strike twice. It’ll be even better with Arrow’s sensibility and tone infused with The Maiden of Might. I’m so down! Make it happen CW.