Dragon Ball Z

If you grew up in the 90’s and didn’t go outside to play all day, or read all the time (who does either of these btw?) then you’ve seen or watched religiously (like me) Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (Frakk GT). With the release of the recent DBZ movie, Battle of Gods, I’ve gotten back into this show like if I were 13 years old again. 

I’ve watched a bunch of the movies, though not canon, still add to the lore. I totally think they should be canon, I think Cooler and Broly make sense, they are plugged in the right time line. But that’s for another post in the future. Right now my interest lie in the videos games. I’m late to the party, I’m at the tail end of current gen and not along far enough in next gen where DBZ games are really available to me. 

I just got DBZ battle of Z, which I found to be fun. The team thing is cool, it created new dynamics in this game, like being able to face every form of Frieza at once. It was cool to have some of my favourite characters all on one team and having my back when I needed them most ie healing me and interfering when I got my ass handed to me.

But this game is clearly lacking the depth in combat system that previous games had. I want the one on one battles, the powering up, and the transforming into the next level just like on the show. I want long battles where I have to earn the right to be a super saiyan. But it’s doing a good job of giving me my fix, I’ve beat the hell out of the game, clearing each stage to the SS rank. 

On the horizon is DBZ Xenoverse, a game shrouded in mystery and details leak about as much as a CIA document would. No one knows anything about his game. It’s confirmed create a player is in it, which is going to be fantastic. I know it’s not going to be Sims deep, but I would love to make someone who represents me and my dreams of being a super saiyan. I hope they take the best elements of all previous games and incorporate it. Have a great story (meaning just tell the anime story again, I don’t mind) have the fighting systems of the sucessful Tenkaichi and Budokai series, and also have stages where you would have a team fight another team like in Battle of Z. But for the love of God, do not make it online driven!! I want single player centric, have multiplayer so I can play with my friends, but if you left that out, I would not hold it against you. 

In life I want very few things: a baby girl, nice hair, Christian Bale as Batman, and all things Dragon Ball Z. I want a new show, new movies, and of course a whole bunch of new games. Come on Xenoverse, release soon, and be really really good when you do.