Jet Packs

I just watched a video where some guys at Arizona State University have developed a jet pack. I’ve been complaining all summer that instead of learning to drive in downtown Toronto, where i will surely get into more accidents than I care for; I would instead like a jet pack.

I thought my dreams had come true. But then I watched this video and it basically makes fast people move slightly faster. A professional runner runs like 3 seconds faster. Buddy was running at his top speed.

I need to jet pack to work. The whole point of driving is to get really far, really fast. This jet pack would be useful if I wanted to go pick up some groceries. But I don’t need to get to the groceries 3 seconds faster.

This is a good first step. Next they need to invent one that makes me run as fast as the athletes in that video. Then from there get me into the air like the Rocketeer. Come on science, don’t let me down!