Rush Hour on TV…BOOOOO

No one will be saying boourns on this one. What a horrible idea!

No Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker means whatever this thing is, it’s not Rush Hour. You can turn a cruddy show into a good movie or a cruddy movie in a good tv show (ie Stargate) but it’s rare to go the other way around. Especially when the movies are made by the two lead actors.

The story in Rush Hour is almost irrelevant to me. The only thing that matters is what Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have to say, and how they say it. I don’t think there is another person in the world who just speaks, even if the joke is bad, I’m laughing. I know you like Chris Tucker, everybody does. And who in their right mind isn’t mesmerized by Jackie Chan’s unique physical comedy and martial arts?

This TV show if it makes it to air will be ignored by me and the masses. Why waste your time on this Ratner? I still haven’t gotten my apology letter for X3. Get on that! Or Rush Hour 4.