A Big Team On the Small Screen

Here’s a cool rumour, Fox might be doing an X-Men live action television show.

That’s a great idea! They should do it Agents of Shield style, have it connect to the movies but be about people who aren’t the main team. I have no interest in a new cast to compete with the movies…and the other movies. The way to go is have another team in the same world, like an X-Force or X-Statix, or to continue with the Days of future past ending and have a new young group of X-men taking on side missions while the main team takes on the big ones.
I think it was one of the producers that said comic book movies work better on tv because it’s serialized. It’s true, there are so many stories especially as a whole over the 50 plus years in the books to tell than what can be done in one movie, or even in a full trilogy. Could you imagine the entire Phoenix Saga being told over a season or two? Well to be fair, anything would’ve been better than the X3 mess.
If you look at Arrow and The Slade Wilson storyline, so much better that it got told over two years. It was much more heartbreaking to see Slade vs Ollie because they were so good as friends, allies, brothers the year before. This is a great idea to bring X-Men to tv. I think it would work; especially if they go the Shield way. Connect to the movies, have the movie stars show up, and make a bunch of money. Do it Fox, Gotham has my attention, this if done right, will as well.