Civil War

It looks like the huge Marvel story line will get the big screen treatment. This following The Age of Ultron storyline. I like it, Marvel has gotten to the point where they have moved past just an adaptation of their characters, and can now have popular comic story lines. If you look at comic book movies, they are always just movies with our beloved heroes in them. They are adaptations. The closest thing to a comic book storyline was in TDKR where Bane breaks Batman’s back. I guess X-Men kinda did it with Phoenix saga…though that was poorly done. Definitely Days of Future Past. Okay so it’s been done before. But Marvel is about to take it to the next level.

Captain America 3 will feature the Civil War story line where Iron Man is pro registration of vigilantes and Cap is against it. Very interesting. It looks like the movies after that will feature the Civil War. I’m so frakkin excited! This is a great direction to go. Instead fighting the enemy, these guys fight themselves. This is gonna make for some great entertainment. What do you think? Do you think it’s the right move?