Predator in Space?

Just read a little something that said the Rosetta comet that they recently landed on is emitting frequencies that when adjusted so that humans can hear it, it sounds like the noise Predator from the Arnie film makes.

Usually when there’s stories that suggest life on other planets, I find it fascinating. This one however, no way Jose. The Ridley Aliens and Predators are bloody terrifying. You know if they showed up we are dead. IF they say, we come in peace, I’d pull out a piece and start firing cuz you know they’re lying. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, bullshit, I’m into comic books, if the cover art is poor, the art inside is worse. Secondly, look at these aliens, they look evil and sinister to the point the benefit of the doubt would be a huge mistake.

If there is ever an alien invasion, they better be a bunch of Zoidbergs, funny, adorable and harmless.

Until next time,