Bale Could’ve Been Bats Again?

It’s well known WB/DC offered Christian Bale a butt load of money ($50 Mill) to return as Batman for the Batman v Superman flick. He said no and my heart broke. Then they casted Ben Affleck and I gained a new hate for Batfleck. How did you feel about it? Do you love Bale Batman as well?

Here’s the humdinger, in a recent interview, Bale says he would’ve loved to do it. And it hurt him when he found out they had casted CrapFleck. He was envious. Frakk dude!! All you had to do was take the 50 mill and return and everyone would’ve been happy! This is totally like breaking up with a babe and she finds someone else and him being like, oh crap I shouldn’t have done that.

I’ve always said, they could easily keep the Nolan-Verse credible, by saying Batman was the only superhero until Superman showed up at 33. Then the bats comes back years later because JGL decided to be Nightwing. The movie is heavily based on The Dark Knight Returns and features a retired Batman coming back into the game…THAT’S CHRISTIAN BALE!!! Makes sense to have a returning Batman and not frakkin Jersey Girl bitchFleck pretending to be Batman and returning.

Live the Nerd Life!