Goosebumps: The Movie…Kenny: Will Pass

This movie is one of those movies that should not exist! Whether it will flop or not depends on how many jabronies live on the planet Earth. You’re basing it on a series of books. Unless you plan on there being like 100 movies, how do you do the series justice? Okay, they can choose from the best and do those. Okay, I can see it happening. I can even see it being done well. Problem is, from the looks of it, they are just doing a bunch of stories all in one. It’s going to be chaotic…and it stars Jack Black…so is it going to be a so so comedy? Who the hell is going to watch this?

The TV show was great. It took one story at a time and it took it seriously. They should just do another TV show if they want to revive the brand. In fact with the way internet streaming has taken over how we watch shows, they could even do the choose your scare books. Just have different videos you can click on. I’d be so down for that. Wouldn’t you be? I say, A) who the hell asked for this? B) what the hell really a comedy? C) Frakk this, I ain’t watching. Neither should you. Watching crap movies will only encourage Hollywood to be lazy and not take chances on actually interesting premises, and settle for safe familiar brands.

Until next time, go live the nerd life!