Monthly Archive: December, 2014

A New Year

It’s that time again, the time to fill up the bars in order to not be alone, then drinking till the room blacks out because even with all the people around, you’re still… Continue reading

Christmas Eve

Happy Holiday! How are you? Is this a good time for you? Or not so much? If it’s good, than great, keep doing what you’re doing…unless what you’re doing is torturing other living creatures…if… Continue reading

Ultra Combo Super Quantum Deluxe Size Holiday Episode

The year flew by, and here we are again, it’s the holidays. It’s Christmas eve. It’s time for another Holiday Episode of The Show. It’s my most ambitious episode to date. I kinda… Continue reading

K.Ho: The Nerd Awakens

Another monday is here, meaning another episode of the podcast is up. I cover the new Star Wars trailer, Supergirl rumours, Jurassic World, Hilary Duff Stuff and of course a little Miley bashing.… Continue reading

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