Resolutions…not flying.

That title sounds like I don’t wanna fly on a plane. Not the case. I actually would love to fly. I’d love to fly away to somewhere warm and just sit back and relax. Don’t you?

I want to be more positive in this new year, but after a 17  hour shift at work, I hate everyone and people and their crap that I don’t care for on a regular basis are really annoying right now.

What are you working on? I’m working on not allowing anger to make me make bad calls. I think resolutions are great if you can find out the motor behind it. If you have a reason to do it you will.

The best is from within. Doing it for others is long term not the way. So far, I’m not doing so well with my resolutions. But I’m working on it. It’s too early to give up. Just keep plugging away.