Have you ever gotten really emotional from watching a tv show or a movie? Why? Was it because of the plot? Did your favourite character die? Right now I’m super emotional because I just watched the final season of Nikita. I’m not sad because of the plot, it’s a great ending. But the problem is it’s ending…or ended.

This is one of the finest shows I’ve ever watched. It’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen actually. The characters are so well written and acted and the story never dragged. I’m mad that people didn’t watch it. It was on CW, so if like a million people watched, this show would’ve gone ten years.

They could’ve gone ten years. Spoilers. The final season was six episodes, which is better than nothing, but it would’ve been nice for a full 23. They had 8 heads to the shop. That’s 5-8 more years of material if they dealt with each arm of the shop. They could’ve kept it interesting by having very different villains to run each arm. Each arm would be in charge of something different, so it would’ve been great. Just look at how different Percy and Division was to Amanda’s Division to Gogle.

I’m glad Maggie Q is back on TV…I’ve never seen the show, cuz it’s not a premise I care for. Lyndsy Fonseca is on Agent Carter which makes me happy. I still can’t get over Beauty and “the Beast” getting 3 seasons and Nikita gets cancelled. If that scar makes him a beast, than we are all Frakked!!

I hope that there will be a reunion someday. I’ll play the villain if need be. I’ll be the token triad leader.


PS. Happy Birthday Lyndsy Fonseca!! Tweet her.