Up and Atom!

If you told me five or six years ago, Brandon Routh was about to get his own TV show based on a DC character. I would jump for joy, because it sounded like he was getting another shot at being Superman. (I love Routhie as Supes.)

Well there’s talks of him getting a show…but the DC character is The Atom…Who the frakk is The Atom?!!!! Honestly, before he appeared on Arrow, I had no idea. I’ve probably seen him in a Justice League comic before. But who friggin cares about this character? And if no one cares, why give him a show?

I think the world of Brandon Routh. He seems like a legit good guy. I thought he got the shaft on Superman. I’d love to see him have great success as a superhero…but I don’t think this is the one. I don’t think The Atom is going to become an iconic TV show. I don’t think the way Ray Palmer is written works well for Routh. They try to write him with a dose of Tony Stark wit, and comedy I don’t feel is in Routh’s wheelhouse. It seems forced. Emily Bett Rickard outshines him in every scene that they need to be funny.

If they wrote Ray Palmer to be a charismatic, dreamy, serious leader type of guy, then B.Routh is the guy. Maybe he will shift in this direction moving forward. He should have a sense of humour, but tone it down. But even if they get Palmer correct, what about The Atom? The suit they showed during the midseason finale looks…less than impressive. He looks like a lego robo-cop.

Even if they do make it look cool, which they probs will because the Arrow guys know what they’re doing. What about the premise of the character? He’s basically ant-man. He can shrink down. That’s not really cool. It’s certainly not epic. It’s gimmicky. I don’t want to watch a show about a guy who can shrink. I’ll give it a go in a movie, but an on going show. No thanks.

Keep Routhie on the show, make him more interesting. Have him help Ollie. But no to his own show.