Supergirl is Cast


I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I love Supergirl. I have all the comics, some toys, and incredible fondness for her. Once upon a time there was a rumour that Hilary Duff would play her (she did have the song afterall). Hilary Duff as Supergirl wouldn’t be fair because that’s too perfect. So it didn’t happen.

There’s been talks of a movie for a long time. Didn’t happen. But not long after the rumour of a tv show came out, it got confirmed. And it turned out to be by Greg Berlanti, who has done a great job with Arrow and Flash, it’s an understatement to say that I got really excited.

The casting of Melissa Benoist sets the stage for a dream come true. She is a relative unknown. She was on Glee and did some movies, but I’ve never heard of her. She is not household. This all adds up to a perfect casting.

I just google imaged her and she is gorgeous. Check. Very sweet looking. Check. She’s in her mid twenties but looks much younger, which is what the role called for. Check. She’s fit and will look good in a skirt. Check. Relative unknown without star power baggage. Check. At 26 and multiple credits she’s probably got acting chops. Check.

Sounds good so far. The one thing is she’s not a natural blonde. No check. It’s cool though cuz that’s either going to be an easy dye job or they can have Linda Danvers be a brunette then she puts on a wig to be Supergirl. Either way, it’s not an issue.

I like this casting. Another Glee actress gets a super hero role. Grant Gustin of course did Glee as well. Either Berlanti loves that show, or those cats are the best young actors around. Either way, keep em coming. I’m very pleased with the casting.

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