Happy Desperation Day!!

Ah yes, it’s here again.

The eve of the saddest day on the calender. On this day all the lonely people in the world rush out there to the bars, flood POF, and just about anywhere other lonely singles might be, and they try to hook up and have someone for tomorrow. That is the worst plan ever.

Have you ever done this? Do you value Valentines Day? To the point where you would go out on desperation day and try to have someone for this hallmark holiday? I hope not. I can’t judge. But to put it in perspective; even I’m not that desperate.

In this day in age there’s plenty to get lost in. Netflix…more netflix. If you are reading this you are probably a nerd, and probably have a video game console. Game away. What are you playing these days? I just got EA UFC. It’s pretty badass. It’s a better EA MMA, which I enjoyed.

Desperation Day where you kinda settle for whatever. That’s bound to lead to buyers remorse. I’ve thought about dating a couple girls at work. They are both good looking girls. One is really fit, rockin bod. The other has an average body. But I can’t pull the trigger. They are not what I want at the end of the day. One of them is kinda boring and the other might be a bit of a bitch. Sure it might be fun to let Kenny Jr out for a whirl (Kenny Jr is my penis). But the ramifications are I lose two friends because I’m definitely hitting it and quitting it. And also I have to deal with two girls who would hate me and then it spreads through work. It’d be messy.

I don’t know if I will ever  have a Lyndsy Fonseca. But I don’t have an interest in settling for someone I’m just not all that into.

Don’t get caught up in the fluff of V.Day. Honestly when you have other shit to do, it’s just another day. Have a tub of ice cream if need be. But do it cuz it feels good and not cuz you’re sad.