Stretching Thin?

Do you watch Arrow? The Flash? Will you be watching Supergirl when it airs in the fall?

Here’s the thing, all those shows are from one man. Greg Berlanti. Arrow continues to be stellar. But The Flash isn’t quite keeping up as far as quality is concerned. Could this be because the guy who came up with the concept is split between two shows? It’s not out of the question. Remember when Joss Whedon left Buffy to do Angel? Buffy started sucking. I believe Firefly was also done during that time.

With Supergirl on the horizon could this mean Arrow will start suffering? Or will The Flash keep getting worse? Or will Supergirl not be very good? Only time will tell I suppose.

Here’s another problem though. It’s possible that Berlanti does 3 superhero shows, 2 of them in the same universe. With Arrow going into season 4, the writing team seems to know what they are doing. It’s possible he devotes his time to these two other shows. But then I find out today that he’s doing another show, Blindspot, which star Lady Sif.

It’s a pilot for now. But I doubt any one person can handle running 4 shows. He’s exec producer, and one with a lot of input. I’m sure he has show runners. But they go off of him to some extent. He did Arrow right and it’d be great if all of the shows were of that quality. I just doubt no matter how talented a person is, can he have that much juice in him to do 4 shows at the same time and not have the quality suffer.

I hope he figures it out, have the right show runners, but dude, I know you should strike while the iron is hot. But you should pace yourself. Have this 4th show be on the back burner until the Arrowverse shows run their course.