2 and A Half F@#&$ Wasted

For the last few months, it had been hinted at that Charlie Sheen was returning to the show he left 4 years ago on such horrible terms. If you are like me, you wanted to see this happen.

I used to watch 2 and a half men religiously. It was pretty funny and entertaining with Charlie on the show. I’ve watched a handful…probably less than that since because it’s just crap. What do you think of Ashton Kutcher? I’m not a fan.

Do you love Jon Cryer? Everybody does, but his character stayed the same for 11 years. It made sense for him to be cheap when he had a young son and was paying his wife’s expenses. But by the time Charlie left these were no longer the circumstances. They made him cheap and small for no reason. It was hard to watch.

The whole premise of the finale was that Charlie wasn’t actually dead, he was held captive in Rose’s dungeon. I’ll accept this out if Charlie Sheen were coming back. The whole episode was building up to a come back. They showed his outfit, which I got me going! All his ex-lovers got a letter from him. He wrote a note to Alan that ended with Tiger’s Blood. The character was alive! I watched most of the episode hoping it would happen. The whole show is cheapened by them going with this angle…but the show is kinda cheap in many ways anyway.

The end comes and they show a guy who looks like Charlie Sheen from behind, in his signature outfit, walks up to the door and they drop his piano on him. WTF? Then what’s worse is they pull back, and I think It’s Charlie in a directors chair, but nope it’s Chuck Lorre. Then he says “Winning”…Shut up Lorre!!! At least they dropped a piano on him.

Turns out Sheen was offered a chance to come back. The premise was the same, except he turns to the camera at the end and has a crazy rant about the dangers of drug use and finishes with saying he’s immuned cuz of he was a ninja warrior from mars. Charlie turned it down because he didn’t think it was funny…Lorre did…Lorre’s an idiot. That wasn’t funny. Charlie made the right call. He wanted them to do something heartwarming…yes, that makes sense. That’s the way you send this thing off.

I wasted an hour and a couple of F#%^$ on this episode. That’s actually the worse way to end an 12 year show. Instead of paying homage to it’s past, you cheapen everything you’ve done to draw in some ratings…Gross.