Not Mal, Not Wash, Not Interested

I’m sure you saw it this morning. It was trending on on Facebook. It read something like Firefly casts reunite. Bullshit they are!!

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are teaming up to do a web series and they are going the crowd funding route. Great. They are both talented, interesting actors. But I have little to no interest in this series, maybe because I felt the headline to be misleading. Combined with the hoax that says there is a reboot coming, this has been a rough day for my hopes and the hopes of thousands of brown coats.

I really want to see more Firefly/Serenity. I think it’s cult enough that it’s made money at this point and with Joss Whedon behind it, they will actually make money at the box office. With Netflix around TV content is more important than ever. There would be a market for this beloved series/movie to take flight once again.

There’s an MMO coming out. Forget it. I want a game where I’m actually playing as Mal, River, or Jane. I don’t want to just run into them. No to that too.

This web series they are doing, Con-Man. I didn’t even read what it’s about. Something about a guy to goes to conventions. It sounds lame to me. It’ll probably be entertaining, the two actors are great. But it’s not the project I want them crowd funding. Crowd fund Firefly, and I will throw you a bunch of cash. Until then, best of luck with this show. I probably won’t watch it. Nothing personal, I just want Mal and Wash in my life and not some guy who goes to comic con…cuz I can do that. I don’t need a web series for that.

Later Gator.