Spidey 2 Ain’t That Bad

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I’ve been wrist deep, but The Kenny Ho Show will return with Season 3 sooner or later…probably later.

I don’t get out to watch flicks much. I make the rare exception usually for superhero flicks. I for whatever reason missed The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I waited so long that the ending got spoiled for me twice. If you haven’t seen it yet, well you might want to click away for now; I’m about to spoil the hell out of the flick. Yes, two years late, but better late than never, my review of TASM 2.

ASM1 to me was brilliant. It was my favourite superhero film the summer it came out. I even said I liked it more than The Avengers. I’m not a fan of The Avengers. The second one looks good from the trailers, so I’m hopeful. The reason I dislike The Avengers is I feel it lacks the emotional attachment and story I need to love a flick. That was the strength of ASM1. I loved the characters, their story, the overall story, there was that emotional attachment. I loved that flick.

When the sequel came out, I didn’t like the look of it. It had 3 villains. There was another spidey flick with 3 villains a few years back. Hate to remind you that it exists. I didn’t like Jamie Foxx as Electro from the trailers. I didn’t like the fact he took the role because his kid wanted him to. I want passionate people who love the material and want it to be stellar to get cast. Rhino guy, Paul Giamatti is the perfect example of a life long fan that got the part. I root for him because of this.

I think the movie was slightly too busy. I think it could’ve used a few cuts. I do commend Marc Webb for making what could’ve been a real Spiderman 3 mess, into a pretty decent movie. The Rhino was barely in it. Storywise he was used well. They could’ve cut a bit of that opening scene. It ran long.

Electro was basically the main villain and though I like the take on him early on, I don’t think Jamie Foxx was the right guy to play him. I couldn’t get around the name actor in the part of a bumbling, invisible loser. I liked the design, I liked that he could become electricity, I even liked how those electric eels turned him. There’s a lot to like about the character, I just didn’t like the casting. They needed an unknown. I also thought his switch to villain was too quick. It was almost like a, pardon the pun, light switch had gone off. I liked the way he was written, his drive and motive. The best part was when Harry told him he needed him. For the first time ever, this guy was needed. It was brilliant. Perfect understanding of a character and his motive.

The goblin, after 3 movies and 2 goblins, I did not want another. After seeing the movie…it would’ve been best to leave the character be. He was a weird looking little dude, and is not even in the same league as Franco. What was done right again was he was given a proper motive. The problem is I felt like none of the villains struck a chord with me. Close, but no cigar.

The best thing in this movie were the leads. Lasagna lover Garfield and Emma Stone rocked it out. They have such great chemistry. Their scenes were so cute and fun. I hope to have love like that some day. They have this sweet romance that I can’t get enough of. It broke my friggin heart, though it was spoiled for me, when Gwen Stacey broke her neck and DIED!!!!!!!!!!!! WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS THE BEAUTIFUL ONES!!!! THERE ARE SO MANY GROSS THINGS IN THE WORLD! WHY NOT ONE OF THEM INSTEAD?!!!

With the new Spider-Man movies coming out, Andrew Garfield is done as the web head, which is a shame. He wasn’t nerdy enough, but I think he loved the part and did it justice. It was different than Tobey Mcguire, which was necessary. I liked how animated and comicbooky Spidey was in this movie. It’s too bad to see him go. But in Marvel Studios I trust. Though I wanted to see Mary-Jane, and the spin off movies, I’d rather see Marvel come in and do their thing.

Solid movie, the villains failed to make that connection. I loved Garfield-Stone. Wouldn’t mind seeing another one…but I’ll live.

3 teardrops on my guitar outta ten.

Later Gator