Star Wars Day!

It’s that time of year again, when tech companies and comic book stores suddenly have half of their staff call in sick. The time of year when a nerd realizes why he/she might die alone. That time of year when the light sabers go from display item to my in into the realm of fantasy. Yes, it’s Star Wars day. May the fourth be with you.

What are you doing today? Will you be watching all the movies in order today? Will you be skipping any? I will probably skip the podracing scene in Phantom Menace. It was a long and boring scene…mainly cuz I’m not a redneck and racing is not my thing. I may be Asian, but I don’t have a suped up Honda.

I love Darth Maul, and I feel like they wasted him. They’ve tried to resurrect him in Clone Wars and possible in future movies, but they should’ve had Maul as the Vader of the prequels. Dooku and Grevious were jokes. Dooku makes sense but I would’ve traded him for more Maul in a heart beat. Grevious is just non-sense, probably designed to sell toys.

It just hit me, I’m gonna get to watch some Natalie Portman today. YES!! Wasn’t ever really into Carrie Fisher, even less now. Current day Carrie looks like Jabba the Hutt. Maybe they can digitally remaster babe Carrie choking out current day Carrie in the next blu-ray release.

Happy Star Wars day!