Supergirl. Love It!

It just hit me today. I’ve waited about half my life to get this. Well I wanted a movie, but I’ll settle for Supergirl every week, in her very own show. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this works better. I think it’d be really hard to make a movie. I don’t mean technically of course. The movie with Helen Slater back in the day was good enough technically, and that was over 20 years ago. They could make an amazing looking big budget movie. Which is the problem. I don’t think DC would pump a hundred plus million into a Supergirl movie. Even if they did, they’d want a billion dollars in return. I don’t think she could do that number. TV is free, it will make the character accessible to the masses and maybe someday, there’ll be a movie.

For now we have a really cool looking TV show, at least from everything I’ve seen in the trailer that seems to be the case. Love the casting of Melissa Benoist. I’ve never seen her work before. They got it right. They have a beautiful girl who isn’t too stunning where you don’t cheer her on. The dorky thing she can work on. Keep it to a minimal. Her first scene in the trailer, she goes dork and it works. Later on with Jimmy, it was too much and she didn’t seem natural.

James Olsen…it’s fine he’s not a white dude. I was a coloured actor, I’m all for colour blind casting. But I’m not crazy about him being a jacked male model type of guy. That’s not the character. He’s supposed to be a huge dorky nerdy guy, that’s why he and Clark get along so well. He learns her secret…her gay? crush knows. That’s already too many randos who know the secret. Not crazy about that.

Flight looks great. That was a fear of mine. It looks pretty good. It doesn’t look cheap and fake. It looks very natural. The strength and bulletproof are there, nothing to write home about but it’s fine. Superpowers on TV could be problematic, like on The Flash. They seem to have it down on Supergirl.

With the technical stuff in the bag, it allows for the hard part of the show. Character and story. I like Kara, I like her world, team Supergirl looks very likeable. I think there’s a lot of potential here. It’s different from Arrow and Gotham, these really dark shows. It’s a Smallville type of fun, inspiring, in the light type of show. I’m so excited by what the trailer shows.

I hope she’s not in Superman’s shadow. I don’t think he should ever show up. It’d be best if they didn’t compare what he was doing to what she’s doing. Unless they make it a pivotal character flaw in her or it’s her driving force. But it’s probably best if we aren’t made to feel we are settling for second best. It would’ve been great if Smallville’s Supergirl got the spin off years ago to continue that show. It seems more natural to have that happen. It might be a battle in this scenario.

I don’t like that it’s going up against Gotham on monday nights, because CBS is not CW and they will not likely be patient with bad ratings. Unfortunately neilson ratings are still a thing, as archaic as it is. I would’ve loved it on CW, it’d be right at home and would be a five season at least type of show.

But for now, I’m super excited to see it this fall. I hope you are as well, because this is going to be the show I focus on when it drops.

Later Gator.