POF is a POS

If you’re anything like me, you don’t get a chance to meet a lot of girls. And if when I do, they are usually taken, spoken for, hitched, what have you. And it’s the weirdest thing to meet someone and then ask them out. Cuz then you find out about the boyfriend or the husband towering behind you. Eeep!

That’s where online dating comes in. The majority of people are single (I hear of extra-marital activities though) and ready to mingle. Granted I’ve come across a lot of just looking for friends, which is kinda like going to Mcdonalds for salad to me. I wouldn’t mind making friends but, I think that’s more of a try dating but realize friends is best for us situation.

Here’s the problem with POF and other online dating services. Everybody expects the moon. I’m guilty of this too. We all have our ideals, we all have our dream girl/guy. Maybe just maybe, you fluke out like my friend Sarah and her husband to be Trevor, who find each other and they are both top of the line. But realistically, you might have to settle for a little less.

When I first started, I was aiming for babes, like dimes. I took into account personality, but that just made them that much more unlikely. But I walked away for a while, a few months, came back and have been shooting much more reasonably. I’ve only written two girls seriously. I wrote a few lines to 3 or 4 because I thought they had a funny or great profile, and I just wanted to let them know. I even signed those off with a “best of luck” meaning, I wasn’t expecting anything back.

The 2 I wrote seriously I thought both were pretty girls, but not super babes or anything. They were a 7 out of 10 in the looks department. What really caught my eye was they seemed like really cool girls and they didn’t seem like they were playing around, they were on it to meet somebody. Both times I thought I fit the bill. They both either wrote what they wanted from a guy or alluded to it enough. In one case the girl said if you know this bar and like it, “we’ll get along 100%”. I know the bar, and I think it’s a great place.

I wrote her, excited because if you were to find two profiles that went together pretty much perfectly. It was mine and hers. We both raved about live music and that being our life. She loves to travel, mine said, I’m looking to do some travelling this summer. And the bar thing. I wrote her. She’s read my message, seen my profile, no reply. I don’t expect one. And it sucks balls.

She has every right not to be interested. That’s the beauty with this, choice. But here’s the thing. If I fit the bill on a personality level perfectly, and I’m like in and around the same age as you, I’m a decent looking guy, I’m ambitious. What is the harm in at least having a POF message conversation? Within one ten minute conversation you either find out I’m not such a great fit or maybe I’m the dude you’ve been waiting for. I think that’s a pretty fair deal.

I’m sure there’s plenty of arguments against my points. But I just feel like a lot of the girls on there are expecting way too much. I’ve talked to a lot of people and they tend to agree that the attractive ones never write back. Which leads me to believe online dating is for folk at the high end of the looks department. I’ll be honest, I ain’t slumming it with some 3 out of 10. I’m a 6 or a 7 myself, I’d like to get me that 7.

Here’s the thing, if you think you’re going to find a rich, educated, funny, sweet, good-looking, fit, animal loving, world traveller on POF, best of luck to you. Because if I were all of those things, I’m probably not on POF. I would’ve been snatch up by someone equally as impressive way before I online dating even crossed my mind.

Lator Gator.