Comic Books: I can’t keep up.

You’ve had this issue before. You pick your favourite characters and you buy their books, bi-weekly, monthly, however. A sometimes it’s hard to show up to the store every other week, so I miss a book or two and I’m screwed. B, they eventually do a crossover and I have to buy 10 other books to stay on track. It’s work to keep up.

It’s also an issue when you have 5 or 6 different titles for your favourite character. You love Batman, it’d make the most sense if they had one Batman to follow. But they have Dark Knight, Detective Comics, JLA international, JLA, etc. You get my point. I understand they can and need to make as much money as possible, but in a way I think it hinders that end. I think it’s intimidating for the average Joe to know where to jump in.

When DC did the new 52 and starting with #1 on everything, it made so much sense. Comic book movies had people interested in comic books, it made sense to create a starting off point. Here’s the problem, they started with multiple Superman and Batman books. Just have one. They also had too many titles. You don’t need Batwing, which to me is the plane Batman flies and not a character, you don’t need a Batwoman. Like if they ever made a Wonderman, I’d never read it. I’d pretend it didn’t exist. There can be all kinds of titles for everyone, great, just don’t tie them in so I have to go buy their books.

The new 52 was a great idea but I think they got greedy with all the titles for the same character. It intimidates a new reader to jump in. Nobody has that much money to buy every title, make it so they don’t need to.

Later Gator