The Worst a Man Can Get

Hey hey, what is up?

If you’ve listened to my show or even kept up with this blog, you’ll know I’ve been on plenty of fish big time this year. I did Tinder too. I only matched w/ hookers and girls who accidentally swiped yes to me on there, balls.

POF I figure makes more sense than Tinder which is strictly looks. POF at least I stand a chance on personality…maybe not though. I’ve lowered my standards big time focusing more on cute girls with great personalities…and that has resulted in no change whatsoever. In fact when I wrote babes they for the most part looked at my message and profile. Whereas these “more attainable” girls seem to not even bother.

I’m not holding it against them, it’s fine. They ain’t down, they ain’t down. I just have an issue with reading some of these profiles and the attitude some of these girls have. I read one yesterday where the girl was like “no black guys or overweight guys”. Holy crap girl, don’t put that down. There’s honesty, then there’s coming off as a bitch. Just don’t read the messages from the black dudes and the marshmellow men. Cuz when you write that stuff, I being an Asian average body dude will not bother with you.

Another thing is these girls who have such a high opinion of themselves. I read one just now where she was like “you’re gonna have to work hard to get me.” Work hard? This is POF, I will read your profile, see if you’d be a good fit for me, than I write you, respectfully and sincerely, if there’s room for humour, absolutely. But anymore than that, you can bite me.

Just look at your matches and see what’s out there. You don’t need to make the first step, if you are a quality woman, someone will write you. But then you look at the person’s profile and message and see if that works out. If it does, reply and see if it holds up enough for a date.

Not, let’s see which dumb son of a bitch I can wrap around my finger. What kind of relationship do you want? One where both people are happy and equal and sharing their life with you? Or I have some sap who I can dick around? You are single for a reason. Get it together, relax, meet some decent people and maybe keep a guy for once.

I don’t go on there being like these people have something to prove to me. But i also won’t be going on there to prove anything to these girls. Relax, go on a date with someone is great. Go from there. Prince charming might be on there, but he ain’t no chump.

Later Gator!