POF Pet Peeve #2

I should preface this by saying just having to be on POF is a pet peeve of mine. I would’ve loved to meet someone in college and be done with it. But I hear life’s a bitch and then you die.

Pet Peeve #2 is less of a pet peeve and more of a warning sign. Girls with CRAZY eyes. I don’t mean girls who have distractingly beautiful (crazy beautiful) eyes. I mean “yo that bitch be cray cray” type eyes.

You know if you write her you should hope she says no and doesn’t reply cuz if she does, you are frakkkkkkkkkeeeeddddd! Girls with crazy eyes (usually have cats) will go through your phone and then delete all the girls from your phone. If you go down this path have dude nicknames for all your female friends. Sam and Kat are easy ones, but ones like Sarah might send you in a tizzy. Maybe they have a dude last name.

Girls with crazy eyes will probably push to go FB official way too soon. Like 3 dates in she’s in a relationship with you. You will be her bae.

Do not lend her your house keys cuz she will make a copy and then move in. Or bare minimum when you inevitably dump her, she will sneak into your room at night and shave your head or worse.

Don’t mess around with girls with crazy eyes on POF.

Later Gator!