POF Pet Peeve #3

Online dating…it’s fun…if you are an attractive woman. For everyone else it’s constant rejection and crushed dreams. Even though I’ve significantly lowered my standards, I’m still striking out. Which brings to me to my pet peeve number 3, everyone is going for the homerun on here.

I’ve said it before, there’s too many girls on there looking for Prince Charming. You have to own a car, a great career, be funny, adventurous, physically active, be ambitious, like country, ride horses, be out going, and of course be really good looking and probably white.

I understand, that’s your ideal dude. But some of these girls I wrote like 6 months ago when I gave up on POF, and months later I still see them on POF, they’re online and checking. Clearly something isn’t working. Decent to good looking girls will get hundreds of messages I’m sure. You can’t tell me in those hundreds of messages there aren’t a few guys who are adequate, maybe not perfect, but would be worth a try. Let’s say a girl gets 200 messages even at 90% not up to snuff that’s 20 guys who are up to snuff. There’s no way that a girl who is fit and good looking and have a great profile wouldn’t get a bunch of good dudes writing them. You can’t tell me out of 20 guys there isn’t one that is close to what you want.

If after 6 months and maybe a thousand messages, you are still on POF, I think you need to lower your damn standards. After that long, I think Prince Charming clearly isn’t coming. Either get off, or start talking to the 10% of good guys. Guys who are hardworking and ambitious, good looking, funny and kind. It’s not like you have to meet up with the guy. Have a messageĀ conversation for a while. If it’s not working, then stop. But if you keep waiting for a guy who sounds like he’s not gonna need a POF, you are wasting your time.

I’m not saying slum it, but instead of a ten go try for a 7-9. You are on POF to date, even if it’s to get married, you have to date the person first. I think if you hold out too long, Mr. Perfect doesn’t show up, then you are screwed. Why don’t you chat with some good dudes and who knows, maybe it’ll be just as good if not better than Mr. PhD Nascar driver.

Later Gator,