DC Will Never Catch Marvel

Marvel has the market on comic book movies, no doubt. Outside of the Dark Knight Franchise, nothing has worked for DC. They could’ve had something if Brandon Routh were allowed to continue his Superman. Can you imagine a Bale and Routh World’s Finest after their respective trilogies ended? That would’ve been amazing.

Instead we now have this rushed together DCU. This isn’t the first time DC has tried to throw the Justice League on screen together before properly introducing the characters. They had a bunch of people cast and hired the dude who directed Mad Max to direct the film. After reading about what the plans were, I’m so glad that film never happened. It’s the one good thing that came from the writer’s strike. But I’ll save that for another post…it’ll probably just be one sentence “Jay Baruchel was the main villain…nuff said”.

Where Marvel had the foresight and creativity to craft a shared universe that still excites viewers, DC keeps doing things that the fans do not want. Chris Nolan taking the reigns of Superman was a great move, but it would’ve been amazing if they tied his Batman to the series. Having to cast a new Batman so soon after the greatest Batman films ever made irked many the wrong way. Even worse was they cast the only guy that could cause the amount of backlash that happened. No one else on that list would’ve gotten that much hate as Batfleck. I for one still don’t care for him as Batman.

The two next movies are Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which I suppose if you are going to stick Batman into Superman’s movie, you might as well stick a bunch of Justice League guys. And Suicide Squad. The Dawn of Justice trailer looks good. Again no thanks Batfleck, and could you have picked a worse Lex Luthor? But outside of that, I like what I’m seeing. Superman is this God among men, a saviour, an alien, everything he should be. I loved seeing Wonder Woman in a movie finally. So there is hope for this movie.

On the other hand you have Suicide Squad which feels super rushed. This thing got announced late last year and is halfway done filming right now. Did they have one draft of a script and were like good enough? I despise Will Smith. I see his face and I want to punch it. That guy is so full of himself. Didn’t he turn down Django because when he read it he found out he didn’t kill the main bad guy? So let me guess, whoever the Suicide Squad is taking on, he kills him.

I love Harley Quinn and I’m glad she’s a lead in the movie. Joker and Batman are in the movie, again it feels out of place and rushed. This gives me similar vibes as JLA: Mortal. They are lacking the epic reveals and anticipation of big characters. They are force feeding us things that are supposed to be cool, but aren’t because of their approach.

It’s one thing to have a plan, they’ve mapped out their film slate, but they’ve gone as far as casting The Flash years before the movie goes into production, I don’t even think they have a script. All of this I read as rushing. They are forcing the issue. Take your time. A solo Superman film will perform well. A Wonder Woman film again would make some serious cash. Then when the time is right, reboot Batman and we know it’s basically a license to print money. I know they are behind in this race, Green Lantern really forced their hand. But much like the tortoise, taking your time might win you the race. Throwing together some Will Smith bullshit vehicle and then milking the Batman with way too many people in the film is not the way to win.

DC will never catch Marvel, because they are running backwards.

Here’s the trailers. I want to punch big willy style in one and drop kick the most annoying Lex in history.

Later Gator!