Rise of The Machines

And I’m not talking about the so so Terminator movie with the same name. Rather, I am writing about the concept of Terminator, AI taking over our lives and maybe someday the world.

I just read an article that says a bunch of big wigs are writing the UN to tell them to ban AI weapons…which is Skynet in a nutshell. Which at first when you think about it, it’s kinda goofy to think Skynet could happen…but then I think about it some more and it’s not impossible, probably not to the extent of Matrix and Terminator, but things going badly is very real. Murphy’s law right? Just look at how Ontario put in place an auto welfare distribution system and it malfunctioned and were making cats filthy rich. That’s one example out of how many. Tech malfunctions or breaks down, it’s just fact.

Now it’s one thing for Joe Hobo to go from rags to riches on our tax dollars, but it’s another when a ED-209 who is programmed to hunt bad guys decides you or your family fits the bill. Male, Caucasian, mid 20’s, 6 feet tall, annihilate. Throw a stone and you’re gonna hit like 20 guys that fit that description.


Then look at all the hacktivism in the world. I’m not against it. I think it’s pretty rad large corporations and governments are kept in check by the people. But what if one of these organizations decides that taking over Skynet and waging war is what’s best? Then we’re frakked, that’s what! On the note of hacking, you’ve heard about the cars getting hacked into and then turned off. What if someone who is trying to stir shit up does that with a T-800 and turn it on the innocent people it was designed to protect.2808570-lifesize_terminator_t_800_endoskeleton_12

If AI is created simply to think and not feel, these are probably the extent of your concerns. But what if the machines are made to feel? Then the Matrix and Skynet become more feasible. Have you watched Chappie? Perfect example of a machine being changed by the cruel world around him. You think machines who think and feel won’t resent the hard labour gigs and slave labour conditions it will be put in? We’re frakked if they make sentient and sentimental machines.

I think this topic is worth at least another post, I would like to get into the positives of AI and technological advancements. But I will wrap this one up with a very real, not in the distant future but rather happening right now, negative to machines. Look at how many jobs we are losing. Online shopping is killing malls. Email and smartphones have replaced regular mail. Grocery stores have one cashier as opposed to 10 or more because of the self-checkout machines. Even bartenders are losing their gigs with the advancement in tech. If the UN should be doing anything, it should have it’s members control the greed of corporation, and only have tech assist us but not replace us. Because at this point, we’re gonna see a human revolution before a robotic one.

Later Gator,