POF Pet Peeve #4

I’ve been off POF for a while now. I don’t see the point after this long. But I just went on to browse and saw that someone looked at my profile, so I looked at hers…wow, what a mistake. This girl was a bitch! My next pet peeve is bitches.

In general I don’t like bitches. Attractive or not, being a bitch makes a girl far less attractive. There’s too many possibilities out there to stick around and deal with a bitch. Especially if we are talking POF. When I have literally thousands of girls to choose from what makes these chicks think that anyone would choose them?

I read this girl’s profile and she was full of tude and it’s just in a profile. If I can read bitch in your profile, you have no tact and are probably a real piece of shit in real life. Like we all deal with assholes is our lives, but I know I don’t sign up for that. And when it comes to women, I would hook up with a bitch if she’s hot enough, but then you get the hell out of there and send her a funny “it’s over” text when she contacts you. It has to be funny, cuz it can be more ruthless or less, whatever your preference.

Sweet, good girls are the ones we are all looking for. Bitches are at best bridges until we find a good girl. So it’s funny when I see these bitches, racist in this case, thinking they can do whatever. Guess what, you may get away with it to an extent, but it will never serve you because nobody likes a bitch, and when your looks are gone, you’ll find yourself on the curb. It’s called burning bridges bridge girl, it’s a bad idea in jobs, and worse in relationships.

Later Gator