DC F You

Just a couple months into DC rebooting the reboot, New 52 to DC You, 8 titles are getting cut.

Sales must be poor on them, cuz some of them are going to be 6 issues in when the plug gets pulled this December.

The books getting the axe are:


Sensations Comics Ft Wonder Woman (WONDER WOMANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNNNNNNOOO)

Green Lantern: Lost Army (6 in and done)

Justice League United (Surprising for a JL title to go. But there’s already a good one)

Gotham By Midnight (There’s too much Batman stuff so I’m cool. Do Star City by Latenight.)

The Omega Men (Would be cool if it were related to Mega Man)

Lobo (Cool character, I hear the book is a trainwreck though)

Doomed (It is)

Hopefully the cuts will mean DC smartens up and really focuses on doing better on the other titles because these aren’t the only weak links in the fleet.

Later Gator