Swifty Swoops into Skydome

First of all let me start by saying that it turns out tweenage girls seem to know every lyric to every top 40 song. I know of Shawn Mendes and have heard that one Vance Joy song on the radio, but I didn’t even know the names of the songs he was singing let alone the lyrics. Yet every girl in the building sang alone to stuff I’ve never even heard before.

I thought both the opening acts were good, Mendes has a great voice, but he doesn’t connect enough with what he’s singing. I think it’s because he sings about heartbreak and he’s a young stud who has girls throw themselves at him all day err day so he doesn’t actually know the feeling. If Monica is giving him the cold shoulder, he just gives Rita a call…he’s a real modern day Lou Vega.

Joy on the other hand has a pretty folky feel to him, a throwback where he just goes up there and tells it like it is. He sounds like he’s telling real stories and spilling his heart. I now have a new male singer to listen to, one that is manlier than Ed Sheeran. Great opening acts…though 2 opening acts is tough to sit through when I just really want to see Swifty. But I guess it made it sweeter when she did arrive.

We all had wristbands taped onto our seats (poor bastards that had that job) and at first they didn’t do anything. But the show started with the big screens project a helicopter view of New York with all the bright lights and as it got closer to the tall buildings the lights grew brighter and to everyone’s surprise our wristbands lit up. It start flashing and pulsing with the beat of the Welcome to New York. The place erupted when Taylor Swift hit the stage.

Throughout the night, she sang her heart out, I’ve always known her to be a great song writer and good singer, but I was so impressed at how good she was live. I’ve been a fan since very early on, in fact my copy of Taylor Swift is one that was too old to have the enhanced music video feature on it. And since then I’ve seen this young girl grow and on Friday she took a whole new level. Swifty has grown up, gotten sexy, and become a powerful performer.

It’s been two albums since she went from country to pop, and with the switch the guitar has been taken out of her hand. I forgot she can play a mean guitar. It was nice to see her pick one up and play, especially because she played one of my favourites with it, You Belong With Me. I was hoping she’d play teardrops on my guitar, but I’ll settle.

The stage was really cool, it was a long catwalk which suits the supermodel-esque Swift, and it also moves, allowing her to face different parts of the audience.

Every show there is a special guest that comes out and performs. Speculation beforehand was someone local, Bieber was on the rumoured list… woulda probably booed him or maybe kept quiet cuz though small, enough little girls could kill me like a swarm of bees. But when Taylor said this artist is a good person, I was relieved, I knew it wouldn’t be Biebs.

Instead it was Keith Urban!!!!!!!!! I freaked out. We all freaked out! That was a legend on stage. This was so much better than I could’ve ever hoped for. I know the next night got Charli XCX and she’s good, but she’s not Keith Urban. I’m so glad I was there for night one.

There was one song that really stood out for me and that’s We are never ever ever ever ever ever infinity getting back together. By far the worst Taylor Swift song ever, it almost made me not want to buy Red, but on this night it was great. Swifty cracked the code, she figured out how to make it work. She picked up a heavy electric guitar and made it a brash rock song. It was so damn good!

What a great night it was, the world’s best selling artist showed why that is. It was a celebration of not only a great album but one for the woman we all love. The fact she sold out 2 nights at Skydome, meaning 100,000 plus, is a testament to the success and impact she’s had not only on pop culture but the lives of the people there. I know whenever I had a bad day in the past, I would go home and watch a Taylor Swift interview on Youtube and I’d feel better. She’s such a sweet and funny girl and a great role model for not just young girls but anyone who wants to be a better person. I can’t wait to see her in concert again, and who knows, I’m in the right industry, maybe someday I’ll get to interview her and tell her she’s made a positive impact on my life.

Later Gator!