Just Had to Blog This

Hey what is up?

If you’ve kept up with this blog, you know I’ve been on POF in the past.

I go on time to time, after as much failure I have had on there, time to time is even too much. Nowadays though, part of it is entertainment. Today I was entertained. I looked at a profile, the girl was pretty no doubt. But what killed me was her blurb. She was like “I like bad boys, so you have to be real bad to win me.” LOL. WTF? It gets better, she’s like “I also love Justin Bieber, if you do win me, just know he comes first.” You don’t like bad boys, you like pieces of shit!

I have met people who have done bad things, technically bad boys, but are real swell dudes. If she were into those, then I’m cool. But when your definition is based on Biebs, LMAO, he’s not a bad boy, he’s a clown. The dude tries to be bad, but he is just a spoiled millionaire.

This is enlightening, growing up you always hear girls like bad boys and I’ve always wanted to be less of a nice guy because of it. But after reading this profile and getting a better understanding of what type of girl digs bad boys…I’m okay with not being one. Lady, it turns out even I’m too good for you. Best of luck with your interest in “bad boys” LOL.