No Swifty Curse

There is no such thing as the Swifty curse…not even all the break ups. That’s not supernatural, she just dates douche bags.

I’d never bought into it, nor did I care. I had so much fun at the 1989 concert, I didn’t even care if it were a thing. It’s a fair trade off. And this is coming from someone who has spent the majority of his life rooting on a bunch of not so good to bad Blue Jays clubs.

The Jays lost two in a row not because of some curse, they did because they are an inexperienced team who caught a case of the butterflies and made a few key errors. We buckled down, used desperation and anger to win a pair on the road and by the time we came home our confidence was back.

Not only did Taylor Swift not curse us, we ended up having a far more exciting series than I ever expected. The drama in going down 0-2 and then not only winning two on the road, but we beat their brains out. Game 3 those guys were completely out of it, and game 4, we took the lead early and never gave it up.

No one can argue that game 5 is one of the craziest baseball games in recent memory. I’ve never seen such a rowdy crowd, and they went ape shit when that weird Russell Martin call went down. The big bats…Joey Bats in particular came to life and delivered a game to not forget.

We all know the Joe Carter home run because of it’s significance. Well Jose Bautista putting us up by three is pretty significant and will be a close second for most, and likely the home run that a new generation of kids will remember.

It’s been 22 years, and no one can take away that we have taken round 1 in damn fine fashion. For a new generation of fans this is their reference to the playoffs. So in a way history was made or at least this will go down in history as a great series with a huge home run that will represent it in flashbacks. Also it’s the series that will go down as proof that the Swifty curse, is a fabrication of ass munch writers who are pulling at straws.

Later Gator