Fresh Prince of Gotham?

I just read an article on IGN, and there’s a rumour going around that Will Smith might be in the solo Batman film.

If this thing is fo real, I’m out. Batfleck is making me think twice…three times…about a hundred times whether or not I’m actually going to see Superman v Batman. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna watch the Batflick, but now, if this things for real, no way.

No way I’m going to show up to watch a movie with two of the four actors I want to see the least in these roles. If Jaden Smith and Bieber showed up, than that would be the first sign of the apocalypse. The Horseman of shit.

Didn’t wiener bieber post a photo of himself with a Robin script? If that happened I would stop reading comic books. I would stop being a nerd. I would become stereotypically Asian and go work on my math or something.

Will Smith used to be a golden boy, I loved his work. Whether is was movies, TV, or music. I still love Big Willy Style. But his head slowly but surely crept down his back and up his own ass. This dude has such a huge ego where it is rumoured he turned down the role of Django because he didn’t get to kill the bad guy.

Meaning if he is in Batfleck solo, than what’s gonna happen? Will he be the guy who kills the Joker before Batman can arrest him?

In Superman v Batman, there will be Superman, Doomsday and Wonder Woman. I might go see it. Suicide Squad has Harley Quinn. I might go see it. But if this report is real, there will be a movie with just Batfleck and Will Smith. No friggin way!!


Later Gator