Social Media Life

Social media has changed the way of life…at least in first world nations, I’m sure people starving don’t give a crap about emojis and such.

Have you ever posted something either on your wall or on someone else’s waiting for them to like or comment on it? And if they don’t, you go and polish off that bottle of whiskey? I only stopped a few months ago. Now it’s understandable to want a crush to notice you and like your stuff; but it goes beyond that doesn’t it? Something like instagram where people post selfies hoping for likes. I’m sure guys do it too, but I’ve never looked at a guy instagram, I’ve certainly seen girls get half naked though. Unless they’re making money off of it, that’s kind of an extreme way to get likes.

Follow backs, if I follow someone who isn’t a huge celebrity and they don’t follow back, I’m like “how dare you?!!! Who do you think you are?!!! I thought we were friends! Frakk yourself!!!!!” And on the flip side, when someone follows me and I know them I feel obligated to follow them back…even if I don’t really like them or hate their content. That’s the cut off actually, if I kinda hate your content, I’m not following you back. Even if you’re my best friend, if you post nothing but drama, and not funny memes…GTFO!

I had some people unfriend me on facebook, and I nearly had a heart attack. One of these was a girl who once called me her best friend. She and I have very different definitions of best friend. And I question if people are telling the truth when you call them out on it, and they say that facebook and twitter is being weird and unfollowed me…I don’t think so, I question your character now, you social media scumbag.

It’s just crazy what social media has done to our psyche. It’s given the vain an outlet, the neurotic a new set of worries, and the trolls direct access to people they hate. I can’t imagine life without it at this point…and that’s just sad.

Later Gator