Swifty Performs at Redneck Fest

If you want to draw an audience, it doesn’t hurt to pick the biggest selling pop act today. So I understand why the formula one guys would want to get Taylor Swift to perform. But why would she want to do that?

I’m assuming somebody either threw a mountain of money at her, or someone on her management team got black mailed after having a hot night out in Indiana. Note, if at all possible, do not travel to Indiana.

Swifty has a massive fan base, she sells millions of records and sells out stadiums, she doesn’t need the exposure. I don’t know how many conversions she’s going to make from the appearance. I just don’t think her music fits with Formula One very well. Especially her new stuff, which is borderline bubble gum pop, I don’t think fits with spitting tobacco and chewing sun flower seeds very well.

To me F1 racing is…stupid, why would any body pay to see cars drive in a circle over and over again? The Honda Indy in Toronto is one of the most annoying events in the city. It’s loud and it goes on for 3 days. I’m pretty sure it’s poisoned a few people with the exhaust and fumes it lets out.

I just think Taylor Swift at this point in her career should choose her appearances wisely to protect her brand. This seems like a really awkward fit. I think she should stick to major award shows.

Later Gator