Monthly Archive: April, 2016

K.Ho Vs The World

Hey hey, Brand new episode of the show is up. I get pretty angry talking about white washing, something that’s affected my life and career. Hopefully I come across like I know a… Continue reading

VR Gimmick or Revolution?

I remember when the Virtual Boy came out when I was a boy. I never got one, nor have I ever even played it. I remember it was red…even as a gullible kid… Continue reading

Spiderman is a Cutter

Here we go, episode 67 of the show. Give er a listen why don’t you. Thanks,   Kenny

Order 66

Hey hey, I did another episode of the show this week. I go over the rogue one teaser. Have a listen!   Toodles Kenny

I’m Not Gay, but I’ll Learn

Hey hey, here’s the newest episode of The Kenny Ho Show.   Toodles Kenny

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