VR Gimmick or Revolution?

I remember when the Virtual Boy came out when I was a boy. I never got one, nor have I ever even played it. I remember it was red…even as a gullible kid I was like why’s it red? Virtual Reality is supposed to feel like reality…I don’t like in a black and red world. So that’s the first thing that they got wrong. Secondly, it was 32 bit I think, so the graphics again didn’t represent reality. The Virtual Boy was a gimmick, and not the revolution it was supposed to be, or at least many hoped to be.

All these years the industry is trying again. Oculus Rift and PS4 VR are leading the new attempt at making VR a staying force. Oculus is already out and VR is launching in the fall. So far, it sounds like bare minimum, the tech works. The graphics are good enough to make you believe you’re in the world and with a nice pair of headphones you should be able to block off the sounds in the real world.

It’s too early to say that VR is going to be in every home and change the way video games are made and played. The library isn’t there just yet. You need a decent gaming rig to play the Rift, and the VR costs as much as a PS4. On that level it’s not a revolution. I don’t see the majority of gamers buying one of these things. I’m not paying $500 for one. I think a lot of gamers won’t, it’ll have a segment have a niche but you can’t be a revolution of the industry when you don’t represent the industry.

Will those with one have a  blast? As long as the library keeps expanding. If publishers produce games and support it. I think Star Citizen sounds like a dream come true. If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of hopping into the cockpit of a star fighter and having dog fights in space. If they did a big budget BSG or Star Wars game like that, I’d have to get one.

There’s even an adult movie market for VR now. Lonely men and women can hook up with virtual babes. That’s life changing. I could see that application be a big driving force in selling units. There’s a lot of people who don’t get action on a regular basis, this might be a good option. Again, it’s not revolutionary in the sense that everything will revolve around this machine, but it’s revolutionary in the sense that it will create a new way of doing something a 360 approach to a usually one way viewing experience.

So is VR a gimmick or a revolution? For now, I think it’s a gimmick. I don’t see all video games in the future becoming VR. It’d be fun for things like sports and first person shooters and things like Skyrim. But there’s games that I still prefer to play the old fashion way. And I think for many gamers, a controller in hand and a sweet TV is the way to go about it. Maybe in 50 years, if they grandfather it…but I doubt that’ll happen.

Later Gator