Who Gives a F@%# About Supe’s Gramps?

I waste a lot of time, but this might be where I draw the line. Have you heard that SyFy is going forward with a pilot called Krypton, that will feature Kal-El’s grandfather? I’m pretty certain nobody in the world asked for this show. Can we just make shows people want to see?

When you think about Superman, and someone asks you what type of Superman show you would like to see, I’m pretty sure one that has nothing to do with him isn’t going to be your answer.

Once upon a time there was supposed to be a show about a young Bruce Wayne, which turned into Smallville. That show featured a young Clark Kent and was amazing. Then they did Gotham with a young Gordon and Wayne. It’s not bad, good at times even. But those two shows featured a young Superman and Batman, along with people whether villains or allies familiar to fans of the property.

David S Goyer who is the exec producer on this says the show will be set 200 years before Man of Steel. 200 years before Superman on a planet nowhere near Earth means there’ll be nobody you know on the show. Maybe Brainiac, but assuming he shows up in a future Superman movie, you know he`s not going to be killed, his role on the show can only be limited.

I did like the Krypton stuff in Man of Steel but that had a 200 million dollar budget. This will be a TV budget, it`s not gonna be pretty. Look at Flash. Supergirl might be getting cut because that show costs too much. None of this bodes well for Krypton.

Even a show about Jor-El who is vital to the Superman mythos would not be my first choice for a show, but at least that can be very Gotham and have people who Clark will deal with in the future.

Can we do a Teen Titans show or something worthwhile? Give us Nightwing! If you want something Superman, how about you not connect it to MOS and just do a new Superman show? Have a Superboy show, and connect it to Supergirl. In one short paragraph I’ve just thrown out ideas that I’m sure some people are interested in. How the hell does Superman’s Gramps get brought up ahead of any of the stuff I just brought up? Frakkin Hollywood!!

Later Gator,