Famous for Nothing

Being famous for nothing gets a lot of hate, and on one hand I agree but at the same time I’d kill to be famous for nothing. The Kardashians give this type of fame a bad name. They are literally the most vapid, pointless waste of time. I don’t understand why anyone would watch their show. Cameras follow these rich entitled types and people are entertained?

I like documentaries, but usually there is a story and a point to those, a Kardashian type of reality show lacks that quality. I don’t care about them or their lives. I have my own issues. Behind these scenes of movies, albums, and lives of talented people that has it’s appeal. It’s cool to see how things are made and what goes into creating film and music. But just a show about people that don’t really do anything artistic, I don’t see the point.

It’s funny, it’s the youtube age we live in and it’s not impossible for anyone to pick up a camera and maybe have a successful go at being famous for nothing. I met a person in passing and it disgusted me that she tried to start her own reality show. She actually thought she was important or interesting enough to have a reality show. I was like, lady, you aren’t funny, smart, or even that attractive, you’re actually kinda annoying, who would watch a show about you?

But with all that being said, I’d kill to be famous for nothing. I have tried the legit way. I have so much acting and broadcasting training I’m surprised I am as much of an unknown as I am. Sure it’s hypocritical, but I never claimed to be otherwise. Think about it, would you rather be talented, put in hard work and wait tables and never make it, or would you be a completely useless member of society with 10 million subscribers on youtube?

Being good at something is hard. Singing, if you don’t work at it everyday, it goes away. Playing other people, that can be really screwy to your head. Having a camera in front of you and you do and say whatever and youtube or E! writes you a massive cheque is easy.

There’s gross aspects of this generation where the masses worship false idols. But then again there’s so many cool channels out there from people who would never get a shot at fame and fortune otherwise. If we could have less Kardashians and that girl who makes me sick, meaning less famous for literally nothing, and have more unknowns getting a shot because of youtube, I’m all for it…especially if one of those is me. :p

Later Gator