Looking Forward to The NES

There’s a title I never thought I’d type…unless I had a Delorean and traveled back in time of course.

I was a boy when the NES came out. I loved playing it with my brothers. Some of my best/fondest childhood memories were in front of my crappy TV in my room with my brothers. Long story short, I busted that machine and it still bugs me that I did. I still have blood on my hands.

Maybe now when Nintendo releases the mini-NES, I can redeem myself. The problem is it won’t be the same. My brothers and I are grown men and playing video games together is a rare occurrence these days. Maybe this will recapture some of the magic. But it can’t be the same because they omitted one of our favourites. It won’t be the same because they don’t have Duck Hunt. That’s THE game. Mario is nice, Donkey Kong is iconic, but Duck Hunt makes the system.

For $60 USD so like $3000 CDN, you get 30 games. That’s pretty good. Except there is no plans to expand that number.So Duck Hunt is at best a pipe dream at this point. Come on Nintendo, I understand why you aren’t going to mass produce cartridges. But how hard would it be to set up an EShop for 8 bit games? You could fit an entire catalog with about the same amount of space as one current day AAA title.

I love this idea. I’m definitely going to get it. But I think if they could really open it up with more games to come, and peripheral accessories like the Nintendo Gun. Guys and Gals my age could really sink our teeth into it, something from our childhood that we loved. For now I’ll settle for 30 games, and hopefully my brothers will be by my side when we open the box just like we did when we were boys.

Later Gator