Grave Yard of Dreams

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I seriously tried my hand at online dating. Have you tried it? What was your results? Which ones did you use?

I used Tinder and POF. I was solicited by hookers on Tinder, and POF is a POS. I got fed up and walked away from both platforms with a serious pout on my face. I haven’t been on in months, at least 6 months I think.

I signed in today on a whim and looked at the pictures on POF. I realized something that I don’t think I had before. POF is the grave yard of dreams. I don’t think any little girl or boy grows up hoping that in their twenties and beyond they would still be single and hoping, sometimes desperately, to find that someone online.

There’s something that’s just not ideal with posting a bunch of pictures of yourself and trying to write a bio to hope to catch someone’s eye. Wouldn’t it be so much better to meet someone in school or better yet live in a neighbourhood where you date the girl next door?

I know nothing’s ideal, and if you can meet someone online, more power to you. But I just got a sad vibe online today, seeing women posting pictures of themselves in bikini’s, others trying to find the right angle to take a good photo. And dudes post douchey photos of themselves in front of cars and such.

I’m just so over it. I hate to be crude but let’s face it, most of the people on there are what we call the leftover crap. Most great catches are caught long before they’re thrown into the swamps. I can’t judge, I’m part of the crap. The days of me being a good catch are long behind me. But with that being said, I kinda want to bow out gracefully and enjoy being single.

I don’t want to clean up my act for a woman. I like a pizza slice in my hand and a beer in the other. I think there’s so much positives to being single. You can be happy just the same. Maybe that’ll be the next post, the pros of being in denial…I mean being single.

Later Gator