Future of Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, there were 3 movies that changed the world forever. A few decades later they made 3 more movies that most people hated and almost killed the chance of any more Star Wars movies. But then the mouse stepped in and decided to make more because the mouse built a house with money and Star Wars is a cash cow.

They made a movie that was very similar to a New Hope. It worked. But we want something more. So with Kylo Ren’s recent comments comparing the sequel to The Force Awakens is kinda like Empire Strikes back, it leaves the fan base concerned again. Please don’t basically do the same three movies again. It can’t be that hard to find the core of what works and then write a movie that’s really different than what’s come before. These guys get paid the big bucks to write, so write and not copy what someone else has already done.

They have the perfect opportunity to create something that is epic like Empire, but doesn’t resemble it. They can have a huge action movie with Luke back in the mix. The characters are established, now they can go to war. Have tons of light saber battles, big set pieces. Do not kill Luke off and bring him back as a jedi ghost. Don’t have carbonite. No body should get captured. Do something different, have your emotional stuff, but I better not see Finn profess his love for Rey and she respond with “I know”. Something different and new please.

Finally, there’s word that Rogue One is getting reshoots to make the movie lighter. They are living in a world where their guardians are all dead and an evil emperor is running a dictatorship. It should be doom and gloom. Why a lighter tone? “People are starving…two famished kids walk into a bar”.

I’m sure the movies will be entertaining, but there’s a chance from the looks of it that they might be less than what they could be…better than no new Star Wars I suppose.

Later Gator