Don’t Shomi Anything

Once upon a time a brilliant person/group of people came up with a streaming service called Netflix. Netflix changed the way people consumed television. It basically changed the industry. Rogers and Bell wanted a piece of the action and created Shomi and Crave respectively to get a piece of that action…two years later Shomi is a thing of the past.

That’s right, at the end of November, Rogers is shutting it down, Shomi will be a short chapter in the history books at Rogers. They are citing low numbers as the reason for this decision. Of course no one is using it. It has a horrible name first of all. Secondly, you are going head to head with the first to market, better priced Netflix. You can’t be second to market, charge more, not offer the great original content and expect to survive. I know Rogers is used to charging whatever they want and offering whatever amount of service they feel like. But you are competing with a household brand name that does what it’s supposed to and is actually 2 dollars less than your new, less impressive, copycat product. You have to try harder.

Bell and Crave actually did it right, it came in with sci-fi genre shows that people love and they charged like 4 dollars for it. That’s how you do it. You can’t take the majority of the pie. Come in with some stuff Netflix doesn’t have, charge a couple bucks for it, and you can have a piece of the action.

I hope this sends a message to the big conglomerates that are used to doing whatever and knowing that people will pay for their product. When there is competition you have to give the consumer a reason to switch over to you.  I like that there was some competition for Netflix, and I hope there will be more competition in the future for all things so that we aren’t at the mercy of anybody.

Goodbye Shomi, I doubt you’ll be missed.


Later Gator