Focus on Your Dreams, Not Your Problems

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent too much of your life focusing on your problems and not enough attention has been paid to your dreams.

I used to spend hours at a time thinking about all the bad and unwanted, unpleasant things and people in life. I’ve even stayed up thinking about how to deal with certain situations.

But since August 12th, the day I met Tiffany Alvord, I’ve been moving away from thinking about my problems, and moved towards more thinking about my dreams. She is the embodiment of chasing your dreams and being all in. She was groomed for this. I only wish I had the focus, courage and foresight to take my gifts and foster them. But more on that later.

I’m not totally 100% focused on my dreams unfortunately, this morning alone, I spent almost an hour thinking about some trouble at work. But I’m not sure you can really ever be 100% one way. We all have jobs and we all deal with issues, and a little bit of thought in correcting it is necessary.

But I’ve stumbled upon a little secret, few things outside of living out your dreams matter. Some one is a jerk to you, guess what, that moment will pass. You hate your job, there are other jobs. The girl I like doesn’t like me back, sucks, but as they say, plenty of fish in the sea…granted over fishing is a thing, but let’s not get too literal here.

But what will matter is when you are doing a job you hate, single or in a relationship that’s not ideal, and looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see, all that stuff matters.

I’m really afraid the many times I’ve buried my head in the sand means my window has closed. And sometimes that fear and anxiety can shut me down. Here’s the thing though, we all have our regrets, you simply need to find a way to let go and push through. I can’t go back in time to my teenage self and tell him don’t bury your head in the sand, shoot for the moon, it can happen, it’s possible. All I can do is wake up every morning and remind current me, that anything is possible.

Later Gator