AKA: Reverse Sexism

Jessica Jones season 2 will feature only women directors. This one caught me by surprise. Usually everything in Hollywood is telegraphed and you see it coming a mile away. When moves involving gender or racial equality are made, it’s to correct some wrong doing. Like if season 1 had featured only male directors, then this move would’ve been expected along with an obligatory but not heartfelt apology statement.

I’m not going to pretend like I know Hollywood. Maybe it is an all boys club…an all Jewish boy’s club. But I know here in Canada, my history in theatre is it’s mostly women with a couple dudes thrown in there…and most of them are flaming homosexuals. So plenty of women, a bunch of queens and then me and a bunch of small town white guys. In fact someone needs to have a season of plays directed by all men to even it out.

I’m not against what they’re doing on Jessica Jones, but I did find it weird. It just doesn’t seem organic. In a couple weeks Murica might have a woman running the country. That feels natural and organic…not just because the alternative would be the worst the thing to happen in democratic society. But even if it were someone who were qualified for the job, a woman president would still feel right.

I’m just not a big fan of forcing the issue. Jessica Jones should hire the man or woman who best knows this character, have the best vision and can pull the best performance out of Krysten Ritter. I don’t like things like all black Annie, only beautiful people, and now all women directors. I like the idea of anyone of any background or gender could get anywhere in life if they worked hard enough. I need this idea, because I want to get into show business and I’m not very attractive and all that smart, but I’ll work hard. :p

I found it weird on Supergirl when they said “the president herself”, not because the president was a woman, but because the president wasn’t Barack. I literally said out loud, wait, where’s Barrack? There was another show or movie that had an old white guy as president and I was like, “where’s Barrack?” So that’s what I mean about organic or natural, or I suppose with Barrack, real.

I’ve never made more money that anyone because I’m a man. There’s women driving buses, at auditions, and on the radio. I don’t know how bad it is for women, but here in Canada I live a life where I don’t see a need to have all women directors on Jessica Jones. Pick the biggest comic book nerd, specifically of AKA Jessica Jones who can deliver something the fans are gonna love…meaning probably a bunch of dudes, both directors and fans.

Later Gator