Hannah Montana Forever I Guess

Who Said, who said Miley going to the darkside of the force to an extent that even The Emperor is like “Easy my young apprentice” meant that Hannah Montana was never gonna hit Disney airwaves again?

Never mind the winter blues, just flip on Disney and let Miley Stewart and her alter ego Pump Up The Party as the mouse announces they will air a marathon of the show between December 3 to December 29th.

Did you ever watch the show? I did, and I loved it. But it turned out that the Best of Both Worlds didn’t mean normal girl by day and a Rockstar by night. She actually meant a deceitful phony good girl in the public and a druggy super slu behind the scenes. If she Were a Movie, it’d be like Batman V Superman, pretty good for 20 minutes and then a what the hell is this, who thought this would be a good idea flick that we all want a refund for.

You gotta give it up to the mouse, he’s Got Nerve, you know there’ll be tons of angry parents writing in to protest this move. Understandably, the kids are gonna do what young Kenny did, watch it, love the concept, love the characters, look up more on the internet by typing in Miley Cyrus, and when they hit the image button will be scarred for life. But the Other Side of Me thinks that this is a great idea, because the buzz and publicity they will get is worth it. The Mouse has so much cheese that he could close down shop today, lit his cigars with 100’s for the next thousand years every hour and he’ll be fine. They can do stuff like this, and if it works great, fresh eyes on their product, if not, whatever, kids are born everyday, there is no shortage of kids who will demand their parents get the channel.

I don’t have Disney Channel, but I’m sure if I did, I would sit back with my nostalgia glasses on and say to myself, This is The Life.

Later Gator