This is Why I Don’t Play Online

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to video games, you stay away from online play at all costs. I’ve done it for years. I passed on Mass Effect 3’s MP, which actually made a difference in the single player game. I still said nope.

But I just got PS Plus and then bought a bunch of games during the black Friday PSN sale. One of which is GTA V. And GTA has a cool online mode, you can form a crew with friends and perform heists and such. Still not interested.

I ran into a glitch in the single player game which people say can be solved with downloads that happen in the multiplayer. So I went online and played. I got to create a character that actually kind of resembled me, so I got to play as me. That’s fun. So far so good.

Upon my first mission I was paired with some guy, random stranger, I didn’t know him. But whatever I played with him as a partner. The mission is looking for a pack of drugs and delivering it to some gangster. This random dude tried to get to the drugs by foot even though the drugs were on the other side of the map. I drove, stopped for him and gave him a ride.

At some point I crashed the car into water and swam across the lake. Buddy was nowhere to be seen, just a blue dot on the map. I went at it alone. I found the drugs, shot the guy it was on. Went back into the city and this partner of mine finally catches up to me and I thought we were reuniting, but shots were fired on me. I’m like was that my partner? I’m like nah, it can’t be, there is honor among thieves.

But then he fires again. I dodge him and finish the mission. He wasn’t supposed to try to shoot me because he also shared in the points from ME completing the stage by myself. The very next stage I figure he now knew we were partners, but then he shoots at me again. So after he crashes his bike, I try to mow him down but the downed bike sent my car flying.

I get out of the car and he shoots me a few times before the flames from my car engulf me and the words “WASTED, you committed suicide.” At least he didn’t kill me. And before the screen goes black, I see that another car explodes and he dies too.

I can’t believe this clown stabbed me in the back. Stick with me and you rise in rank. Shoot me down and you will probably go nowhere. He might have even laughed it up on his side. “Ha, this guy got me the points and I’m killing him now.” This is why I don’t play online, too many dummies doing dumb things.

Later Gator