CBC Wants To Go AD-Free

I love first world problems. Don’t you just love it when people find problems for themselves? “My life is going too well, let me see if I can’t find some drama.” Boom, now that person has a coke addiction. The big wigs at CBC is operating as if they’ve got a coke habit, as they are asking for $418 million dollars in additional funding so they can be 100% commercial free.

If you don’t know what the CBC is, it’s the Canadian equivalent of the BBC, a Government funded channel. But unlike the BBC that makes incredible television shows, the CBC does the occasional decent to good original show, some hockey, and then imports a bunch of American movies.

I think CBC Radio has some good stuff, but the TV side of things makes no sense. Radio is still a big thing, look at how many cars there are on the road. Most of those people will listen to the radio. But TV is becoming a thing of the past. Netflix has changed the industry. TV stations bleed out every year because they can’t make the ad money to profit.

You now have a channel that isn’t really that popular to begin with that costs Canadians a billion dollars a year to keep, saying “hey, we aren’t happy with your hand out, we want more.” Just go sell whatever ads you can get. You have it good CBC, don’t bring attention to yourself. This is the definition of first world problem. They have it good but now want it great.

In a world where most people struggle to get by, people have to have multiple jobs to pay rent and bills, barely making ends meet, these guys want $400 million so they don’t have to sell ads anymore. That $400 million could go to far greater use. Here in Toronto, we’re about to have another public transit fare hike and road tolls to use the highways. If we got that $400 million, we could have all the funding we need. How about affordable housing. Rent is ridiculous, and almost to the point where at some point I’m gonna live in a cardboard box.

There are much better ways to use $400 million. Hell there’s better ways to use the billion. I think CBC the TV station should be axed or sold off to the private sector. A billion dollars could do a lot of good for a lot of people. Even if half of it gets embezzled, there’s still enough of it to improve the lives of the average person. So not only should CBC not get more funding, they should get no more funding. Get out of the business of entertainment. It’s not a 3 channel world anymore, your channel is being passed on by most people. You’re not affecting culture. Invest that money into something with actual returns.

Later Gator